Happy new year 2015!


2014 was great for us but let me tell you that will not be comparable with what is 2015! VirtuaGirl is taking a big step. I can’t say exactly which one but I’m 100% sure you will love it. You feel frustrated? ok, ok. Let me tease you a litle bit.

[begining of teasing] Today our product is better than never and we have reached a crystal clear quality thanks to a kick ass post production chain. In 2015, we’ll put all our efforts on models selection and – breaking news – we will be able to produce some of the hottest american babes! We know you can’t wait for it. 2015 will accomplish your wish. But that’s not all. We want to make your user experience as smooth and easy as possible. That’s why you can expect some huge (an great) changes on your software interface in the next coming months. [end of teasing]

We wish you a very happy – and awesome – year guys! May the health, the love and the money be with you (in that particular order!)


Take Care.


Proof that no matter what Sabrisse is wearing, she is super hot.

Sabrisse exudes an extraordinary sex appeal. She is cute, sexy and super adorable. I call that the perfect girl mix. Recenlty she came back for a “take 2″ ( that means that was the second time we shot her) and you can now find her new cards (striptease) on virtuagirl.com – 3 of them have been already released (and 3 more to go) :

“Elegantessa” in which she wear a fancy little black dress


“Score with Me” where you can see how sexy she looks even with casual outfits


“Risky Business”, a US ARMY uniform but you know… not really the official one ;)


Those shows are available on the last version of VirtuaGirl ONLY. Make sure you have downloaded the last one here before you buy them.

VirtuaGirl Beta has just been released!


Hello guys. I told you we were working on a brand new version of our software : virtuagirl.com. Well here we go! After 2 months of hard work, we have released the beta this last week-end and it comes with several major changes:

New VirtuaGirl features  :

- Software can now display up to 10 girls at once on the desktop.
- You can grab any girl and drop her anywhere on your screen. They even stay on top of windows, dangle under your mouse pointer, fall etc.
- Girls are more present. They perform stripteases, walk around, wait, sit or get up before doing another striptease and repeat it till they’ve show you everything they can do.
- Left click on any girl pops new icon controls to enlarge her, ask her to striptease etc.
- Zoom factor are now based on your screen size rather than the original clip size. There is also a check box to limit the zoom to 100% of the original clip resolution.
- Working Space in Settings let you define the area of your desktop where the girls go.

Our content is now in 3K (Ultra HD)

We have worked on the content quality and it’s now simply stunning!  We changed all the lights at the studio, invested in a new post production chain that includes the latest Mac Pros, stripped raid sets, Photoshop, Lightroom, DaVinci, Final Cut and our own updated proprietary software. Color and lights are above anything we ever released. We choose quality over quantity for the new collection. We’re selecting less girls but only very good looking and/or super sexy models.

Clip are available 720p, 1080p and now 3K.

Click here to download version and see by yourself

Please don’t forget it’s a beta. That means you can see some bugs (but very unlikely). If so, please send your feedback to our support team and we’ll fix it!

 And that’s not all!
In the next couple of months you’ll have another surprise but I can’t reveal it right now. Stay Tuned !

VirtuaGirl is about to release a brand new version of its software

Ok guys, I know I didn’t write a single post for quite a long time now but there is a good reason! VirtuaGirl is about to release its brand new software so you can imagine how busy we are! I am very excited about it and let me say something I have always wanted to say : I can’t reveal anything for now – BUT – it’s gonna be awesome. We have worked on some great software features and on card quality. If you want an exclusive and quick preview, you need to be a member of our community (100% free obviously, you just need to download our software here). New version should be released in the next couple of weeks. Can’t wait to show you more. In the meantime, let me show you a sample of one the last girl we shot : Melena Tara


Pussy game : 1 free virtuagirl card to win inside !

Let’s play a game! A funny one: Can you find out what pussy belongs to which girl? If you feel like an expert, you can play with the black and white version. If not, just go with the color one. I’ll take all good answers by the end of the next week and pick up one winner randomly. The chosen one will earn 2 free credits in order to buy the show of his choice.

Our girls pay attention to details!

Here, at virtuagirl, we pay close attention to details: jewellery, complements, costumes and shoes are really well chosen. but in know you guys, might not even notice every single details. It’s a shame :) Think about Candy Sweet for instance. She took time for to make painted & decorated nails but i know your eyes focus on her great naked body and only that! Thank to me, now, you get the chance to see how our models are tidy!

Undress Lyen Parker

Lyen Parker is a Psychology major from Budapest, Hungary. Committed to her studies, she took an interest in the motivation behind human sexuality and began studying strip clubs. The sexual energy that radiated through the clubs drew her in and Lyen soon began performing herself. Now she can’t get enough of the thrill of being on stage and stripping naked for the world to see. She is still studying psych, but loving her new life as an in demand erotic dancer.

Undress Lyen Parker

Do you prefer her dressed or naked ?


Amarna Miller as a BunnyGirl

If you don’t know Amarna Miller yet, that’s the occasion! Let me introduce: Amarna, the damn cute bunnygirl ^_^. Amarna describes herself on her twitter account as a “Spanish porn actress & producer, photographer and BDSM lover”. She loves to share pieces of her uncommon life with her fans on her blog… And she’s cute but I’ve have already told that. If you wanna see her stripping on your desktop, simply download virtuagirl and check her out her sexy shows.


Did you know, back in the days, we shot hot… cars ?


As you might be aware, VirtuaGirl photographers shoot girls inside a studio. Our software need special installation in order to create this unique effect (I mean girls living, dancing & stripping on your desktop). But did you know, back in the days, we made some photo sets including not only hot girls, but super cars too ! Yup ! True story. I let you imagine how we managed to put this lambo on the floor (since the studio is not really a warehou!) :



Nowadays, we are more focused on girls but who knows …