Proof that no matter what Sabrisse is wearing, she is super hot.

Sabrisse exudes an extraordinary sex appeal. She is cute, sexy and super adorable. I call that the perfect girl mix. Recenlty she came back for a “take 2” ( that means that was the second time we shot her) and you can now find her new cards (striptease) on – 3 of them have been already released (and 3 more to go) :

“Elegantessa” in which she wear a fancy little black dress


“Score with Me” where you can see how sexy she looks even with casual outfits


“Risky Business”, a US ARMY uniform but you know… not really the official one 😉


Those shows are available on the last version of VirtuaGirl ONLY. Make sure you have downloaded the last one here before you buy them.

Our girls pay attention to details!

Here, at virtuagirl, we pay close attention to details: jewellery, complements, costumes and shoes are really well chosen. but in know you guys, might not even notice every single details. It’s a shame 🙂 Think about Candy Sweet for instance. She took time for to make painted & decorated nails but i know your eyes focus on her great naked body and only that! Thank to me, now, you get the chance to see how our models are tidy!

Undress Lyen Parker

Lyen Parker is a Psychology major from Budapest, Hungary. Committed to her studies, she took an interest in the motivation behind human sexuality and began studying strip clubs. The sexual energy that radiated through the clubs drew her in and Lyen soon began performing herself. Now she can’t get enough of the thrill of being on stage and stripping naked for the world to see. She is still studying psych, but loving her new life as an in demand erotic dancer.

Undress Lyen Parker

Do you prefer her dressed or naked ?


Did you know, back in the days, we shot hot… cars ?

As you might be aware, VirtuaGirl photographers shoot girls inside a studio. Our software need special installation in order to create this unique effect (I mean girls living, dancing & stripping on your desktop). But did you know, back in the days, we made some photo sets including not only hot girls, but super cars too ! Yup ! True story. I let you imagine how we managed to put this lambo on the floor (since the studio is not really a warehou!) :



Nowadays, we are more focused on girls but who knows …

Do you like Cosplay ?

I bet you do. I mean, Cosplay is huge part of the fantasy, isn’t it ? Before you send me on pyre, I know that Cosplay is not accurate here. We could speak about costume rather than cosplay. But whatever… If I tell you that I have met a super-hot nurse 2 days ago, I’m pretty sure that rings a bell in your brain. The bell that tells you Nurse + Hot Girl = Awesome fantasy. Nurse is a common one. But there are so much more. I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to drop a comment below and say to me what kind of cosplay turn you on ?

From our experience – at virtuagirl – the most popular cosplay are : Cop, Army, Nurse, and  of course Maid ! Then comes all “cheerleaders” look alike. That’s pretty straight foward don’t you think ? I mean, did you never think about something more exotic ? Like … plumber ?


And you, In which outfit would you see our girls ?

Strippers on Desktop : “Behind the scene”

Obvisouly, if you are here, that’s because you already know that VirtuaGirl is the first and only software that brings you strippers on your desktop. But let me tell you a little bit more about the technology (and the girls) behind. In order to offer the best quality as much as the best models, we first spend hours, days, weeks, even months searching for cute and sexy models like Anna Tatu, Little Caprice, Eve Angel etc… But they need to be a more than hot. They must know how to dance, strip & move in a sexy way. We provide stripteases but only classy stripteases. The kind you won’t see on a second class club. You know those clubs with sticky soil. Our girls are for gentlemen. And believe it or not, It’s not so easy to find such a models.

Then we shoot them. If you tried virtuagirl, you know that our girls are litteraly dancing & stripping on your taskbar. They live with you, right on your desktop. To create such effect, we use blue screen technology. Yeah, the same technology used by hollywood to produce your favorite blockbuster.

This is how it looks like.


Impressive isn’t it.

So, you can easily imagine now how much of work we have to do after we have shot the babes ! Fortunately, we have a great team in “post prod” working everyday to give you the best. And the cherry on the cake : we shoot with a 4K camera. I told you we offer the best !


Athina taking a selfie just before stripping !

Now, every time we have a model in our studio ready to be shot stripping – just for your own pleasure –  we give her a smartphone to play with. Sometime the result is a little bit naughty and sometime, just cute – like the one this morning 🙂


Her name is Athina and you will find her at very soon !