Happy new year 2015!

2014 was great for us but let me tell you that will not be comparable with what is 2015! VirtuaGirl is taking a big step. I can’t say exactly which one but I’m 100% sure you will love it. You feel frustrated? ok, ok. Let me tease you a litle bit.

[begining of teasing] Today our product is better than never and we have reached a crystal clear quality thanks to a kick ass post production chain. In 2015, we’ll put all our efforts on models selection and – breaking news – we will be able to produce some of the hottest american babes! We know you can’t wait for it. 2015 will accomplish your wish. But that’s not all. We want to make your user experience as smooth and easy as possible. That’s why you can expect some huge (an great) changes on your software interface in the next coming months. [end of teasing]

We wish you a very happy – and awesome – year guys! May the health, the love and the money be with you (in that particular order!)


Take Care.


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