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  1. I have been enjoying Virtuagirl since 2008 and have over 1,000 cards in my collection. I have always been impressed with just how classy the girls are, even as the shows have become more risque over the years.

    While the new version has a few cool features and at least one major improvement (such as automatically presenting each girl in the same size on screen, regardless of resolution), I am not at all pleased with the lost functionality of the previous version!

    My major complaint about the new version is that the randomness and the delay between shows has been removed from the software. I can’t imagine why on this green earth the designers would take away such a basic control! I NEVER set the timer to “continuous,” (it’s visual overload) but that is all the new version offers!

    I often leisurely read e-books and having a girl from a particular playlist pop up to dance (or strip) for me every 5-10 minutes-randomly-is a most exquisite “distraction” from my reading! I don’t want to be forced into closing a continuous show and I want the software to randomly choose a girl from my playlist for me, so that I can be surprised–just like it always has been…until this new version came out!

    I would also like the OPTION of having longer shows that are adjustable in length, as has already been promised for the next upgrade. The current non-adjustable setting it far too long for my taste. PLEASE bring back the Frequency controls!

    Thanks for an otherwise great service!

    • thank you for you feedback. Please keep in mind we are still in “beta mode” and some adjustments will be done in the next versions.

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