VirtuaGirl Beta has just been released!


Hello guys. I told you we were working on a brand new version of our software : Well here we go! After 2 months of hard work, we have released the beta this last week-end and it comes with several major changes:

New VirtuaGirl features  :

– Software can now display up to 10 girls at once on the desktop.
– You can grab any girl and drop her anywhere on your screen. They even stay on top of windows, dangle under your mouse pointer, fall etc.
– Girls are more present. They perform stripteases, walk around, wait, sit or get up before doing another striptease and repeat it till they’ve show you everything they can do.
– Left click on any girl pops new icon controls to enlarge her, ask her to striptease etc.
– Zoom factor are now based on your screen size rather than the original clip size. There is also a check box to limit the zoom to 100% of the original clip resolution.
– Working Space in Settings let you define the area of your desktop where the girls go.

Our content is now in 3K (Ultra HD)

We have worked on the content quality and it’s now simply stunning!  We changed all the lights at the studio, invested in a new post production chain that includes the latest Mac Pros, stripped raid sets, Photoshop, Lightroom, DaVinci, Final Cut and our own updated proprietary software. Color and lights are above anything we ever released. We choose quality over quantity for the new collection. We’re selecting less girls but only very good looking and/or super sexy models.

Clip are available 720p, 1080p and now 3K.

Click here to download version and see by yourself

Please don’t forget it’s a beta. That means you can see some bugs (but very unlikely). If so, please send your feedback to our support team and we’ll fix it!

 And that’s not all!
In the next couple of months you’ll have another surprise but I can’t reveal it right now. Stay Tuned !