Viola & Dayzee cards remastered!

Dayzee “Road trip” and Viola “Inamorata” have been remastered with an optimized color calibration and post production treatment. They are now available in 720p, 1080p and 3K resolutions.

The model’s performance remains unchanged but the color quality of the clips have been greatly enhanced and you can now enjoy them in 3K on top of the previously available 720p and 1080p.

To update their clips, locate their cards in your collection in the software and click on the update button!  (click on Synchronize with servers in advanced settings first if you don’t see the update button)

We  only select the best cards from the recent past to be remastered and the new post production render is really amazing. See by yourself reading the other members comment below.

And if you don’t have them yet, rush on, you won’t be disappointed!



Sexy wallpaper of Viola lying on a fur rug

Let’s start this brand new official blog of virtuagirl with one of our last model : Viola. This 20 years old cuttie comes to us from Latvia and I bet you’ll love her. Not only is Viola hot with big boobs but she loves high heels and having fun.

Enjoy this exclusive Wallpaper of Viola – virtuagirl model

Pick up your size : 1024×768 1600×1200 1920×1200

Download more sexy stuff from Viola at